BioCell Collagen in liquid form is the key!

 As a liquid, there is no need for dissolution step. The result is a fast and highly efficient absorption, through the mouth, esophagus, and digestive trucks. Compared to other forms, liquid is much more efficient. (see: Clinical Study)

1. Most collagens on the market for joint support contain only glucosamine sulfate and/or chondroitine sulfate. The major component - hyaluronic acid is missing. Glucosamine and hondroitine may help in rebuilding cartilage and in replenishing skin's collagen but without hyaluronic acid their effectiveness is lost.
(see How Depletion Of Hyaluronic Acid Affects Your Joints )

(see: How Depletion of Hyaluronic Acid Affects Your Skin )

2. Collagen (or its components) coming from shellfish or bovine are rejected by the human body.

3. Molecules of collagen in tablets, creams or powder are too big to be absorbed.


In Summary:
    Creams and lotions can't easily reach the dermis or joints to replenish the essential building blocks lost through aging and UV exposure; all they can do is to moisturize on a topical level. Injections can penetrate the structure from the outside, but that's not always an easy, healthy or cost effective option.

    Even though all ingredients (Collagen, Resveratrol, Hyaluronic Acid and fruits) are available on the market for seemingly lower price, only Liquid BioCell Life incorporates all of them in one single shot. By drinking Liquid BioCell Life for TOTAL body health you will spend much less and benefit much more.

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"French Paradox" and "Dr. Oz om Resveratrol"

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   How many of you are spending hundreds of dollars trying to aid your bodies with supplements, like chondroitin, glucosamine, vitamins, minerals and other? Liquid BIoCell may perfectly replace those supplements and perhaps even generate some savings with effects much exceeding those tablets and creams.

  Based on my own experience I am so convinced that after 3-4 months you will be so amazed with results that you will be hard-pressed to recommend Liquid Biocell Life to your family, friends and other people who may need it. That will open the OPPORTUNITY to reduce the cost of your own supply.